Since I was a little girl I always dreamed with my small makeup brand or being part of the Beauty Field, but I never gave it importance, I considered it "frustrated dreams". As soon as I turned 22, I sat down to think and write what I wanted to do for myself in the future, and when I saw myself in 5 years as soon as 2020 came around, I decided to take Design, Wax and Eyebrow seminars. which I loved by the way. I currently have my full job and dedicate my free time to my "hobby" as an eyebrow artist. I have worked with different skin types and have met girls who are not candidates for the dye for different reasons and it was they who inspired me to bring a line of eyebrow makeup and gave me that little push I needed to take risks, that's why my first two products are Eyebrow Pomade & Eyebrow Pencil and as a makeup addict that I am, I COME WITH MORE SURPRISES. IN THE MEANTIME ? Enjoy these two products that will be to your liking